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Aconco is one of the reliable and trustworthy electrical contractors in London. We hold expertise in providing electrical services to both domestic and commercial sector. We are dedicated to our customers and have worked hard to achieve the reputation of being the most dependable electrician company London. 
Moreover, we have employed those electricians that are NICEIC Approved and possess a considerable amount of experience working in this industry. They are capable of performing small electrical installations to full rewiring contracts. This means they can carry out any type of electrical work on time and at a competitive price.

Top-Rated Electricians London

At Aconco customer safety is of paramount importance. Irrespective of the size of the electrical job, we follow all the safety regulations and also provide all the necessary certifications that you might need. These certifications are important for businesses because this ensures that they kept compliant with all the safety and health regulations. Further, for the domestic sector, it provides a peace of mind that you need. Don't worry; we also offer a personal guarantee on all the electrical jobs that we perform.

We Perform Quality Electrical Inspections And Testing 

Usually, we don't know, but electrical inspections are of several types, and sometimes it becomes difficult to know exactly what type of electrical inspection or testing you need. At Aconco, we provide all the guidance and advice you need.

Why You Need an Electrical Inspection?

When you have an electrical inspection, it makes sure that your business or home wiring, electrical components and appliances are safe and in proper working condition. The main reason for having an electrical inspection and testing is to ensure that all electrical wiring and components don't pose any threat to you, family or anyone else.

What do they involve?

Usually, our comprehensive electrical inspection that is conducted on the property includes:

1. Identifying any electrical hazards

2. Analysing the wiring condition whether it is uncovered or exposed wiring and permanent or outdated?

3. Checking and testing safety switches

4. Testing power points and lighting

5. Examining the fuse box

6. Evaluating the level of electrical service

7. Assessing any fault wiring 

8. Assessing any electrical items and appliances to ensure they're compliant

When should you get this inspection?

It is essential to get your business or residential property inspected and tested on a regular basis by a qualified electrician. However, several other key factors make electrical inspection important. These are:

1) Before you decide to buy a house

2) If your property is old or you have any other electrical concerns

3) If you have rented your property, then report any electrical issues to your letting agent or landlord immediately

4) For the landlord or letting agent, it is a legal requirement to have an electrical inspection. You need to make sure that electrical fittings and installations are safe and in proper working order So do not wait and contact us for any type of electrical services. We will be at your service to provide any type of assistance.

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