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Reputable And Trustworthy Electricians

We live in a world where you cannot fully trust someone. Almost every day, we hear stories where an electrician performs a faulty work to save time or to add unnecessary expense to just increase the final cost to make extra money. This is a sad reality and something that we cannot escape, and it even gets worse. 

We have been serving in this business for years and endeavour to stand apart from the rest by strictly adhering to the values we believe in, and that is honour and integrity. Moreover, we assure you that the prices we provide are competitive and the work we perform is of high-quality. We also comprehend that we can only succeed and flourish if we work honestly with our customers. 

What Types of Electrical Work do We Undertake?

Whether you are looking for an electrician to conduct a minor repair or rewiring in a property, we have got you covered. Our electricians based in London are fully certified and insured. So we assure you 100% guaranteed satisfaction. We provide comprehensive services that include:

1. Full electrical installations

2. Full or part rewiring projects 

3. Upgrades of fuse boards 

4. Installation of electrical socket

5. Socket installation

6. Garden lighting

7. Remotely controlled lighting and appliances 

8. Electrical system upgrades

9. Domestic installer

10. Electrical Report

11. Breakdowns and maintenance

12. Emergency Electricians


Electricians in London

You won't like to be treated by a doctor who has no knowledge about his/her field or does not possess relevant skills. So why you thrust your electrical work in the hands of an amateur who is not an expert, just to save costs. Improper or faulty electrical work can prove to be quite fatal. It is not something that you should give to someone who provides low prices, even without analysing their capabilities. Our electricians in London are proficient in what they do. They possess the proper education and training that is needed to become masters of their field.

Aconco only employs the best electricians in the industry. Each electrician is properly vetted before they are designated to perform a certain electrical job. We assure you that we only hire the best electricians and this also means that only a quality job will be provided to every customer.

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